Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Joseph Berghoff started off selling drinks after he came from Germany at age 17. He was told to stop his business and so he made a stand outside of the World's Fair selling food. Then he opened another stand in the corner in the city and sold his drinks for 10 cents with free food. He started making a restaurant and got a drink license for his business. In the restaurant, they have a bakery to bake their own bread and cake for people to eat and enjoy. Men were also the first to come at the restaurant but then Gloria Steinem came in and made it possible for women to eat there too.
His business closed but his granddaughter reopened it. It is the oldest restaurant in the city of Chicago.

I learned this through an architecture tour and I also learned about German architects that built beautiful buildings like the one in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It had lions on the top and the names of famous German composer like Beethoven.

Before this tour, I went on another tour called Compassion Experience and I learned that it is really sad and an unfair life compared to ours.

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